Sometimes, new fields and specializations take existent terms that are related to a completely different field and assign them a new meaning; this was the iconic case on the Internet with the “icons” (medieval art term) and with the  2011 horrible catastrophe of the tsunami in Japan with the term “Sarcophagus”.

The Sarcophagus in ancient ages defined the place where (usually, royalty) was buried, but on the latest news, you will find it relating to the burying-place of nuclear waste. Sorts out that nuclear waste, after being used for generating energy, has to be buried, and the place where the radioactive residuals are placed is called “Sarcophagus”.

During the terrible tragedy of the tsunami in Fukushima, the sarcophagus of the nuclear plant was damaged (as well as in Chernobyl) and will need to be reconstructed in order to make sure there are no leaks. I must say that the similarities with the precious ancient object that was specially designed for royalty and the horrible huge cement monsters that bury inside all the fears of the modern world have only one factor in common: the CURSE that will fall on the heads of all those attempting to break them apart…  

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