La Catedral del Mar /
The Cathedral of the Sea is a CRUDE depiction of Medieval live in Catalonia.

La Catedral del Mar“, is a historical novel written by Ildefonso Falcones that has been adapted for Netflix’s series: The 
Cathedral of the Sea

The first chapter is truly shocking, with a really CRUDE description of a maiden bride that is rapped by the “master” of the feudal farms on her wedding day, which was a privilege given to medieval rulers. On the following chapter, a baby is left to die while his mother is [yet once again] rapped by the castle soldiers. In the fourth chapter, a moor female slave is whipped to death in front of the boy she raised…

I would say those are very CRUDE scenes, which take me to the theme of the present post, the English term “Crude” versus the Spanish term “Crudo”

The English term “crude” is translated by the free dictionary as:

1. Being in an unrefined or natural state; raw.
2. Lacking tact or taste; blunt or offensive: a crude, manner-less oaf; a crude remark.
3. Characterized by uncultured simplicity; lacking in sophistication or subtlety: had only a crude notion of how a computer works.
4. Not carefully or skillfully made; rough: a quick, crude sketch.
5. Undisguised or unadorned; plain: must face the crude truth.
6. Statistics In an unanalyzed form; not adjusted to allow for related circumstances or data.
7. Archaic Unripe or immature.

The Spanish term “crudo” is used only on the first definition (1), i.e., a RAW substance in its natural state (specially for raw-meat, i.e. “carne cruda”). I believe, a Spanish commentary of the book would describe those scenes as “duras” but, in no way as “crudas”.

The professional part of this post is already written, but the question remaining is whether shall I go on reading the book and what are the “crude” scenes ahead 😉

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