My late mother was born in Vienna. She left the country when she was fifteen in the first kinder transporter thanks to her older sister who managed to saved her from the Nazis.
Her sister’s name is Gertrude and we always have known her as “Tante Trude”.
My dear tante is 99 years old and my sisters and I try to visit her at least once every two years. She lives today in Graz a city in southern Austria, 2.5 hours train from Vienna.
As a jew, I still have mixed feelings when visiting Osterreich, fact which does not deny the style and beauty of its cities, the wonderful landscape and the cleanness of its streets, its second to none culinary dishes and bakery.
Below some pics of my last trip one week ago.



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Paris – January 2016

Two years ago my youngest son was invited to perform in Paris, the city of lights. He is a young violinist in the most prestigious youth classical orchestra in the Country.
The city was frozen, the cold there is humid and penetrates to every single bone of your body, but still, the sights of this special place are wonderful, full of magic and unique. In spite of the low temperatures, street musicians wandered around and the Rodin Museum opened its doors and gardens for us.

Below you will find some of the winter sights.