Sleeping Beauty – The day after

Sleeping Beauty ceased to be so the day after her birthday.

The guardian fairies that put her to sleep did Aurora no favor; they numbed her deep into a privileged bubble of class society, social strata, and predefinitions of gender, age, and skin color. Instead of the palace servants, when she woke up, she found herself surrounded by unidentified devices: fifth-generation cellular technology, operating manuals scattered everywhere, piled up in disorder, with detailed instructions in more than 70 languages for the operation of appliances, computers, etc. mobiles, cell phones, smart homes, digital locks, gadgets, applications to attend face-to-face and remote meetings.

What are remote meetings? She wondered, should she ride to destiny? And the prince? Where was he? she asked while staring at herself in the mirror.

She was admonished at once by the new fairies – modern nuns dressed in nursing habits: “there are no princes” -they told her- “they are avatars”… and once recovered, she would choose the measurements, countenance, and mood of her digital suitors, designed, created and commissioned to measure, fully personalized and customized!

And the witch? She asked, terrified, looking around her.

With a condescending look, they explained to her that witches no longer existed; they were not inherently evil but the product of their cultural and historical circumstances; they were called trolls now, “Maleficent” had voluntarily undergone psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions. Once transformed, she was waiting in the lobby for the beauty to wake up, with an organic carrot cake lying on her lap as a vegan token of good intentions. Aurora asked to return to sleep, “I need a little more time,” she murmured moments before closing her eyes, a little more time…

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