Middle East Logic

You want me to say that,
I am sorry I cannot display our dead
We have only about a dozen
I am sorry thousands of your rockets
Were launched in vain, to no avail
I am sorry you could not kill the Jews
At their homes, schools, and synagogues
I am sorry that the dome did not malfunction,
that my people, who endured your hatred rockets
For decades
are no victims anymore
Of the world bias
And yet I say,
I am sorry for the children and the mothers
That will not ride your metro of hell,
your false tunnels, your terror leads,
for the fortunes you got from your rich brothers, that,
instead of building you schools and hospitals,
Crowned you with missiles

Author: Daphna Kedar

3 thoughts on “Middle East Logic

  1. Wow. Very poignant expression of the reality of this never ending cycle of violence always instigated by the mad men of Hammas.
    There is no moral equivalent between the two sides. One is pure evil, focused on destruction and death, and the other respects life (even of its enemies) and will go out of its way to preserve it.

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