SEO, SEM, PPC in short :)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

On this Course of Search Engine Optimization, you will study an exciting field of Digital Marketing that focuses on the best practices and guidelines to rank high on the first page of leading search engines, and mostly on Google.
SEO has become one of the mandatory course of Digital Marketing, as part of the subjects the SEO course will cover:

  • A historical review of SEO and its development on the last 15 years, what are Google Algorithms: Panda,  Penguin, Pigeon, and Humminbird?
  • How does Google think? Can we predict the next steps of Google?
  • What can I do to avail first rankings on Google? What is a no-no in google eyes?

PPC – Pay Per Click

Have you ever been seen an art auction at Sotheby’s ?

On the Pay Per Click (PPC) course, you will find out what is the relation between Sotheby’s auctions and Google Ads. What is Digital Bidding and why Google is promoting PPC at the expense of other digital marketing specialties as SEO?
What are the main factors needed in order to have a successful PPC Campaign, what are keywords, competitive research, and profit-loses calculations? You will learn about all these marketing topics on this important PPC course that will reveal the most hidden profit Google interests !

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

On Classic Greece you went to the Agora (ancient market) to look for your new pair of sandals, today the arena is a digital arena, and the primary way to find you is through the leading search engines.
The Internet has become the modern agora.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM is a comprehensive course that will present the leading digital marketing trends of today’s agora – buying and finding you on the Digital Arena.

The syllabus of this course will cover the central issues of SEM: Branding, Landing Pages, Competitive Research, Social Media increasing importance among additional subjects.

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