Not just translations

Hi, my name is Daphna, Daphne, Laura, etc. I consider myself a multicultural individual that had the privilege of living in various countries and, therefore, could become close to different cultures.

Much has been said and written about the influence of time and culture over language, and about the multiple factors that have to be considered while aiming to “translate” a given text from one language to another. As a matter of fact, the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein</a> was one of the first philosophers that spoke about the theory of the Geshtalt and the impossibility of dividing a text into the sum of its components. Nowadays, we could refer to the whole phenomenon of the Internet as a new type of “culture” which includes the art of chatting and castrating language.

You are invited to visit my blogs and leave your comments.

Daphna Kedar Translations

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